Degrees can be a powerful tool in a competitive job market, but not all degrees are equal. The best UK degrees for job prospects include education, architecture, and law. In contrast, degrees in arts and design, anthropology, and European languages rank among the worst. Factors like demand, salary, and job security contribute to the differences in value between degrees. This blog will inform students about the highest and lowest-paying degrees to help them select a suitable degree.

Top-Ranked UK Degrees with High Employability Rates


Education degrees in the UK place a strong emphasis on practical experience. Hence, it results in a high employment rate of 94.4% and an average salary of £22,896. Alums are equipped to work in diverse fields such as teaching, administration, and consulting. Their robust foundation in education principles helps them to stay recognized in the professional area. If they take my assignment help, their expertise increase further. These scholars also gain enhancement in communication, critical thinking, and teamwork expertise.


UK architecture students have a 90.1% employment rate, with an average starting salary of £22,000. However, the degree takes seven years but provides practical building design, construction, materials, and engineering skills. These individuals often work in architectural firms or related fields such as urban planning, interior design, and landscape architecture. Opportunities are available in both public and private sectors for them to avail and advance their career.


UK law graduates have an 89.9% employment rate, with an average starting salary ranging from £20,217 to £22,794. This score can help students decide as best and worst UK degrees. The degree is typically a three-year undergraduate program that prepares graduates for careers as solicitors, barristers, legal executives, and other related fields. While learning the law concepts, students can attain a support of writing service for history homework and enhance the concepts,

A law degree is also beneficial for business, politics, or journalism careers. Students learn how to navigate complex legal systems and gain an understanding of legal ethics and professional responsibility.

UK Degrees with Poor Job Prospects    



Anthropologists in the UK earn between £51,300 and £163,000 p.a., depending on their region and specialization. A bachelor’s degree offers entry-level jobs, while higher degrees open opportunities in academia, research, or consulting. Internships or volunteer work can also improve job prospects. However, limited job opportunities, lower salaries in non-profits and public sectors, and lower perceived value are concerns to this degree.

European Languages

Job possibilities for a European Languages degree depend on market demand, fluency level, additional skills, and networking. Language fluency is often necessary for tourism, international business, and diplomacy. Other experience in interpretation, translation, and industry-specific knowledge can be beneficial. But the graduates with such skills still need help establishing their career as European language specialists due to low demand. They can ask for do my assignment for me for resolving academic difficulties.

Arts and Design

Art and Design is another lowest-paying degree that earns starting salary of £18,000 for students. Only 52.6% of students get jobs after graduating in this field. Hence career opportunities for artists and designers are sufficient. There is also a growing decline in registration in art colleges for the same reasons. The primary cause of this setback is the increasing fee of art courses, less funding, and non-lucrative career opportunities. 

End Words

Students must know the best and worst UK degrees to get a job. Graduation in architecture, law and education is the source to gain numerous job opportunities in the UK. Students can also get assignment help UK for the assignment writing of these subjects. However, learning European Languages, Arts and Design, and anthropology can harm the students’ future progress and expertise enhancement. In this blog, the persona has included the worst and best-paying degrees for students’ information. It will help them to make an informed decision about their career and stay safe from professional areas’ risks or loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What degree has the most job opportunities in the UK in the list of best and worst UK degrees?

A. Degrees such as dentistry, medicine, law, architecture, and education hold high value in the UK. The graduates of this field always remain at ease in building their careers.

Q. What degrees have the lowest employment rate in the enlisted best and worst UK degrees?

A. The graduation certificate in European languages, anthropology, and art and design do not gain good job prospects in the UK. The students who hold this need help finding lucrative jobs.

Q. What are the highest paying degrees?

A. Law, architecture, and education degrees are some of the highest-paying degrees. Attaining these graduation certificates can help students in attaining academic prosperity.