London is known for being one of the most expensive cities in the world. It does not mean that getting university MBA education in the city has to break the bank. There are many cheapest universities in London to get a Master’s degree at an affordable tuition rate. While they still provide excellent educational opportunities, many students from other countries get admission in these colleges to get inexpensive education. If you are also looking for the same, this blog post is for you. We will reveal cheapest London universities for MBA and where are they located.

7 London Universities for Cheapest MBA in UK

1. Ulster University

Ulster University is a public research university founded in 1968 and located in Northern Ireland, with a campus in London. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in a variety of fields. It includes business, engineering, and health sciences in its courses. The university also offers a range of facilities and services, including a library, sports facilities, and a student union.

Master’s fees 2023/24: £8,250 for local students and £14,700 for international students

Address: Shore Rd, Newtownabbey BT37 0QB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 28 7012 3456

2. The University of Highland and Island

The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) is a public university based in Scotland. It is the country’s only higher education institution that is spread across multiple locations, with 13 campuses. It was established in 1992 and got its status from the privy council in 2011.

UHI offers a wide range of study programs in business, engineering, environmental science, and creative arts. The university also has a strong emphasis on research. This university is a prominent choice of international students to get cheapest MBA in UK.

Master’s Fees 2023/24: £6,480 on campus and online covers 6 modules + dissertation

Location: Highlands and Islands, Moray and Perthshire, Scotland, UK

Phone: +44 (0)1856 569 000

3. London South Bank University

Founded in 1892 as the Borough Polytechnic Institute, London South Bank University (LSBU) is one of the cheapest universities in London for MBA. It is known for its strong emphasis on employability and career development. The university has a dedicated Careers and Employability Service.

LSBU provides students access to various resources and services to help them plan and prepare for their future. This cheapest London university provides mind-refreshing facilities to students.

Master’s Fees 2023/24: Full-time fees for home students £10,490 and for international students £16,900

Address: 103 Borough Rd, London SE1 0AA, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 7815 7815

4. The University of Gloucestershire

The University of Gloucestershire was founded in 1834 as a teacher-training college. It has since grown to become a comprehensive university. This academic institute offers various undergraduate and postgraduate business, sports, education, and creative arts programs.

The university also has strong connections to industry and the professional world, which allows students to gain valuable work experience. It employs some of the best faculties for business which makes it one of the cheapest universities in London for MBA in business.

Masters Fees 2023: MBA/PGDM (2 Courses, 12 months-1 year) UK fees £10,050 and international fees £15,625

Location: Cheltenham and Gloucester, England, UK

Contact: 01242 714168 or 01242 714564

5. Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University is a public university located in Bath, England. It was founded as a teacher-training college in 1852. Since then, it has become a leading institution in art, design, education, business music, creative writing, and the humanities. It is one of the few cheap UK universities to offer academic degrees in a number of domains.

This academic institute has a strong emphasis on creativity and innovation. The students are tested with MBA assignments and coursework in this institution, which expands their knowledge. Its programs encourage students to think critically, develop their skills, and pursue their passions.

Master’s Fees 2023: Starting from £8,210 for UK students and £15,200 for international students

Address: Newton St Loe, Bath BA2 9BN, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1225 875875

6. London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University (LMU) is located in the heart of London, England. Founded in 1848, it is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the city. LMU offers a wide range of programs in subjects such as business, law, engineering, and the creative arts. Though, it is not amongst the prestigious universities, but it is a good institute to get a law degree in UK. If you are looking for the best law universities London, there are many but only a few are affordable. The city occupies many museums, art galleries, and libraries, as well as a vibrant business and financial district.

Master’s Fees 2023: Starting from £9,300 per year for UK students and £16,500 per year for international students

Address: 166-220 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 7423 0000

7. York St. John University

Last on our list of cheapest universities in London for MBA is York St. John University. It is a vibrant and friendly institution located in the historic city of York, England. It offers various education programs in various disciplines, including arts, education, business, and health.

The university’s campus is modern and well-equipped, with state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and research. It has a range of initiatives in place to support students from underrepresented groups. York St. John University is one of the cheapest London universities for international students to get a master’s degree.

Master’s Fees 2022-23: £9,000 full-time per year for UK students and £10,800 for international students

Address: Lord Mayor’s Walk, York YO31 7EX, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1904 624624

Final Words

The universities listed in this blog post are some of the cheapest universities in London for students. Not only do they offer competitive tuition fees, but they also provide a wide range of academic programs. Students also get opportunities for career development at these study places. These universities are an excellent choice for international students looking to pursue their MBA education on a budget and want to advance their careers. Besides, there are other law universities in UK for students to pursue the best education from prestigious universities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does an MBA cost in London?

A. Tuition fees for the 2023 MBA sessions are around £109,700. It is not expensive to study in London and get an MBA degree when you know cheapest London universities. Along with education, London academic institutes provide multiple career opportunities to students.

Q. What is the salary package of an MBA fresher in the UK?

A. An annual salary of 45,000 GBP for an MBA fresher in the UK is considered a good starting salary. It can provide a comfortable standard of living. However, it is always important to budget and plans for the future, regardless of salary.

Q. What is the best university for cheapest MBA in UK?

A. The cheapest university for master’s degree in the UK is University of Highland and Island which charges £6,480 covering 6 modules.

Q. What is the cheapest university for international students for MBA?

A. The York St. John University is the cheapest university for MBA in London for international students which charges £10,800 per year from international students.