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An article review stipulates an evaluation and summary of someone else’s article. Writing an article for beginners is intimidating because of the lack of a critical eye. You must have to understand the published article before its review. The article review writing is mostly assigned to the college or university students to make them familiar with the latest updates in a particular field.

There are certain rules and guidelines for beginners to write an article review. This blog provides the most effective tips for composing a worthy review to hook the readers.

Get the Best tips for How to Write an Article Review for Beginners.


Step 1. Define an Article Review

Writing an article review means expressing a fully-fledged evaluation, painting the author’s expressions in a new form. The more you analyze the article the better you can use your tactics in summation. Writing an article review leads readers to the author’s subject matter.

One of the important tips for beginners while writing an article review is that they just have to talk about the already performed work. You do not need to perform new research for an article review. However, you can research the subject for your understanding.

Step 2. Plan Your Work on The Review

Ensure about the objectives of the article before giving an article review. Remember, different articles require different tactics. You cannot fix every type in all article reviews.

Beginners must know that the potential readers have already some sort of idea about the scope of the article. Therefore, hook them towards your review by providing something worthy. A good article review contains the main ideas, arguments, and findings to provide a critique on the contributions of the document.

Precisely, you should know well what you are going to discuss. The editors at Royal Assignment Help recommend drafting the strong points before proceeding. You can make to-do guidelines that you will follow while writing an article review.

  • Summary of the article: The most important points, ideas, arguments, and facts.
  • Redeeming features: The author’s main focus, essential insightful parts.

Step 3. Get a Quick Glimpse of The Article

First, look upon the article’s title, read all the headings, and go for the abstract. Read the introduction part, conclusion and also read the first sentence of each paragraph. After that read the opening paragraphs. These steps would help you to understand the author’s main ideas and arguments. When you first read the whole documents you might have an idea about the author’s sought about the article.

While reading the whole article if you find any notions or any concept you are unfamiliar with making notes. Additionally, highlight all the main points and supporting facts.

Step 4. Read the Article in All Attention

One of the most important tips is to read the article several times. Take a pen and highlight the most meaningful parts. Moreover, take a paper and make notes, draw margins and connect the different parts. Additionally do not be tempted to highlight the whole paragraphs.

When you read twice, it will be easy to capture the essential impressions and to concern them informally. When you go through the article you might get impressed or confused by the writing style or organization.

Remember, it is a little difficult to translate the ideas and processes from the researcher’s mind to the audience. The writer has to show great effort to make readers understand.


Step 1. Think of a Title for Your Writing

After the above previous steps, you might have chosen the title for the review article. The title must be descriptive or interrogative or declarative. However, it depends on the steps or your focus on the earlier performed steps.

Step 2. Cite the Article That You Are Reviewing

One of the important tips, beginners must know that after the title of review citations must be placed. Make sure to use citations in the main body of your article review. You can use (APA, ASA, Chicago / Turabian, MLA).

Step 3. Provide General Information About the Article That You are Reviewing.

It is a must to provide the general important information at the beginning of the review. Which may include:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Title of the journal
  • Publication details

Step 4. Write Your Introduction

The introduction part offers a gist of the review article and its subject. The first sentence of the introduction part starts with an identification sentence. It also composes the author’s thesis statement. If you do not find the thesis, now it’s up to you to find it by yourself and write it down. You need to precisely define the main theme and author’s arguments in the introduction part.

Remember, avoid using the first person. It is recommended to use the third person. Narrate the review impersonally, and must use a formal style.

The introduction is summed up by your thesis where you briefly mention the article’s strongest point and main drawback.

Step 5. Give an Overview of The Article

Explain the article’s main points, research results in your own words. Validate how the evidence supports the arguments in the article. Also, mention the findings drawn by the author.

One of the best tips for beginners for article review writing is to be concise. In academic writing, your work is admired by the audience when you say more but in a precise form.

  • Drop one or two direct quotes
  • Review your introduction to make sure that it accurately reflects the article.

Step 6. Write the Main Body of Your Review

This part is the core of the review article. Define how well the writer has addressed the problem. Also, write the useful and informative parts in this part. Stipulate the importance of the conclusions mentioned in the article.

If you find any biases in the article, must review and mention them as it counts. Must tell your opinion whether you agree with the author or not. If yes, provide reasons for your support and if not, state the reasons why. Also, indicate the audience that would benefit from reading the article.

Step 7. Write your Conclusion

In the conclusion part, you have to mention all the main points of the article. You can write your reviews regarding the clarity, significance, and accuracy of the article. While adding comments, make sure to highlight the implications as they can play an important role in futuristic researches. The conclusion should not exceed 10% of the length of your entire article.

Step 8. Give your Article Review a Final Proofread

When you are done with the review article, take rest and after few hours open the document for proofreading. Pay special attention to the grammar, spelling errors, punctuation, and also on the factual data.

If you find anything irrelevant just remove it from the document. Make sure you discuss 3-4 critical issues in your review to make it as good as possible. Check the references if you have used them.


Though it is challenging for beginners, article review writing is important for scholars and readers. It helps you make a constructive critique of an article. If you want to be good at article review writing, make sure to read and understand the article first. Highlight and make a draft before proceeding with the writing stage.