Students of UK universities have the right to work during the study period. However, there are certain rules that students must follow if they wish to work while studying in the UK. This article will discuss the job opportunities for international students in the UK, what kind of work in UK a foreign student can count on, and what rules must be followed. So read on to find out whether you can apply for the job as an international student in the UK and other related queries.

Doing Jobs for International Students in UK – All You Need To Know

Can foreign Students Work Legally in the UK?

Yes, they can. In fact, there are many jobs for foreign students in the UK.

While studying in the UK, foreign students are allowed to work on a part-time or full-time basis during the holidays. Unfortunately, students cannot work more than 20 hours a week. Therefore, such work is seen as internship opportunity than a source of income.

If a foreign student studying in a UK university wants to combine study with work, then the conditions of his work must comply with the following laws:

  1. While studying, a student does not have the right to start to build his career. Because it is a sign a full-time employment contract;
  2. The student has the right to work full time only during the holidays. The student should not work more than 20 hours a week during university classes;
  3. The student does not have the right to start his own business or sell goods and services as a private entrepreneur.

These conditions are mandatory for all international students in the UK. Failure to comply with these rules will be subject to legal actions. Violating rules can lead to serious punishment, for example, the possibility of being deported from the country.

What kind of Graduate jobs in the UK for International Students are Available?

Since graduates are not allowed to work full-time while they are studying, they need information for part-time working. We have listed the job opportunities available to students.


Part-time jobs for international students in the UK are the most suitable options for students who want to earn some extra cash without breaking the law. Working part-time does not mean high employment and high salary, so it is difficult to find a job. However, if you have got opportunity for similar vacancies, this work will certainly help you gain experience. You will also gain working qualities you will need in the future.


For undergraduates and graduates, internships are the best opportunity to gain professional experience. In this case, the major corresponds to the subject of study at the university, and the work is done under the guidance of the instructor. During the internship, students are given a small salary or a stipend. Internship opportunities certainly provide graduate jobs in UK for international students to help them gain experience about the business world and to obtain the necessary contacts in the chosen field.

Graduate Programs/Schemes

The graduate programs or schemes are for young students for 1-2 years; they require full-time legal employment, good pay, and advanced training. Enrolling for this program is quite difficult, but industry consider it as a great start for future job.

Benefits of Working While Studying In The UK

There are hundreds of jobs for international students in the UK that can substantially add value to the practical experience and future career prospects through internships or part-time jobs. Gaining extremely valuable practical experience, students not only improve their skills but can also add value to their resume, because potential employers take interest in attracting educated, intellectually and creatively developed, team-oriented employees. Furthermore, the associations of UK have working environment that is healthy for the employees. But the individuals need to work with competency to gain the best place.

UK colleges and universities have Career Centers in their structure, providing support to students on various issues related to employment. By the time you will graduate, you will have relevant practical experience in your area. This will help you with your future job. Many best universities in the UK are collaborating with local employers interested in attracting foreign students. So you might also get some assistance regarding your internship in the UK as student from higher education institutions. Thus, you can avail the best opportunities if you aim to work in UK.