London possesses multiple Cambridge universities in which innumerable students are learning. They require space and material for learning. Most of them look for public libraries in London. To guide the students, this blog post will convey the details about London libraries and their location. This is also for students and bibliophiles who love exploring new collections in a library. So, you don’t need to research the fees, location, contact, or any other library features because this article has all the information you need. 

1. British Library in London

It is the most extensive national library in the world, established in 1973. This prestigious library has about 150 million items waiting for readers to explore authentic books worldwide. It grasps numerous exclusive exhibitions and research projects.

There is a specific reader pass that students can grab to become a permanent member of the library. Non-residents of the UK can also get this pass through an online subscription. 

Membership: It is accessible to readers for free. 

Location: 96 Euston Rd, London NW1 2DB, United Kingdom.

Contact: +44 330 333 1144.

2. London Library 

London Library is one of the largest libraries in London
With a huge collection of books and a large capacity of readers, London Library is one of the largest libraries in London

This library’s history tells that it has been helping people since 1841. It has also contributed to the development of great minds in British culture. Borrowing books is relatively easy because students get information about books from web pages or through browsing stacks. If you want a book, you can issue it from the issue desk. 

Multiple sorts of membership are available for the people, like individual or institutional membership. 

Membership: Free and Paid

Location: 14 St James’s Square, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4LB, United Kingdom. 

Contact: +44 20 7766 4700.

3. Guildhall Library

In this list, it is the first London library that provides books on the history of London. From the 15th to the 21st century, readers can find primary documents of any type. Whether it is diarist Samuel Pepys, politician John Wilkes, or martyr Thomas More, every significant contribution is present in the library. Students pursuing history major can find very useful resources for history homework in this library.

Location: Aldermanbury, London EC2V 5AF. 

Contact: +44 20 7332 1868. 

4. The Poetry Library 

Those readers who are great admirers of poetry will find this place a heaven. Founded in 1953, it is one of the oldest libraries in London that also runs numerous art events and competitions. This library holds the works of non-UK poets and publishers. Researchers can also utilize press cuttings and documents for further research. 

Another feature is the location of the library. It allows the views of the Thames and Somerset House that add delight to their mode. 

Membership: Free for readers, lending books is allowed

Location: Level 5, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, and London SE1 8XX. 

Contact: +44 20 7921 0943. 

5. Bishop Gate Institute Library

The library in Bishop Gate Institute in London
Bishop Gate Institute Library is one of the best libraries in London for students and researchers

Founded in 1895 in London, the social history of London is quite exciting, and students can find many books at this place. Whether the assignment topic is radical, social, feminist, labour, or LGBTQ history, there is always something to explore. 

This library also holds the rarest materials and documents. It is among those public libraries that facilitate a proper working space and free-internet connection to members.

Membership: Free for all

Location: 236-216, A10, London. 

Contact: +44 20 7392 9200.

6. Wiener Holocaust Library 

Dr. Alfred Wiener founded it in 1933 and dedicated it to the study of the Holocaust. Member of this library attains many benefits by buying books from their online store or borrowing books from the library. You can subscribe online to get news about upcoming events. One can also access past event videos on their YouTube channel. 

This place always attains prosperity in spreading awareness of the current and past humanitarian crises like the Holocaust. Its monthly membership is £12.50 per month and goes to £120 per year as a yearly membership. If the individual is a student, he will get a discount of £60 per year. 

Membership: Free and Paid with a discount on student membership

Location: 29 Russell Sq, London WC1B 5DP

Contact: +44 20 7636 7247. 

7. The Wellcome Library

It was formed by Sir Henry Wellcome in 1900 and had an ambitious collection of the 20th century. This library in London contributes an influential voice to the study of contemporary medicine and biomedical science. It is a fascinating place for many scholars and intellectuals with medical backgrounds due to their interesting medical topics.

Students interested in medical history can also find relevant books in this valuable place. Thanks to its wealth of knowledge in the medical discipline, many nursing students can find it useful for their nursing assignments. However, if you are visiting to explore manuscripts and want to carry your laptop or phone, a transparent bag can be used. 

Membership: Free to get a visitor pass for everyone over 18 years. Also has paid membership.

Location: 183 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BE

Contact: +44 20 7611 8722.

8. St Bride Library

The reading room of the St Bride Library with huge collection of books
The Reading room of St Bride Library in London

St Bride Library was reserved as a social, cultural, and recreational centre for the print industry of Fleet Street. The advent of the digital age has now persuaded it to own valuable artifacts. This library also facilitates the chance to get knowledge of traditional printing techniques and print-related industries. 

It also encompasses activities such as typography, graphic designing, or book arts. Members can benefit from discounts on conferences and lectures while also getting bi-annual newsletters.

Membership: By signing up as a friend, you can get discounts on conferences and lectures.

Location: 14 Bride Ln, London EC4Y 8EQ,

Contact: +44 20 7353 3331.

9. BFI Reuben Library

It is the best public space in London where students can find content in different forms. Whether it is a textbook, film, or digital collection, everything is available that members can access with the help of staff. Most of the members prefer its excellently equipped Edwin Fox Foundation Reading Room. They find its environment academic, comfortable, and supportive simultaneously.

Membership: Free

Location: Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XT

Contact: +44 20 7255 1444.

10. Canada Water Library

Outside building view of Canada Water Library in London
A landscape view of Canada Water Library Building in London

The students who become members of this library can enjoy the views of Canada’s Water Basin. Most travellers also visit this library because it has a good collection of travel books. The atmosphere is quite cosy and provides the best comfort to members. It has an individual study desk and a computer that learners use for their studies. 

Membership: Free, paid and online subscription.

Location: 21 Surrey Quays Rd, London SE16 7AR. 

Contact: +44 20 7525 2000. 


There is a plethora of public libraries in London, some are ideal for students, whereas others are best for scholastic research. Every bookworm can have his best study hangout in these spaces. They can find these spots quite suitable and peaceful. With the information about the address, contact, or membership cost, you can better decide on a library that suits you. If you enjoy snacking or sipping tea with book reading, there are library cafes in London that you can visit. Stay tuned as we will have a guide about book cafes soon. You can also comment about your favourite library below.