Case studies are proven as a powerful promotion tool to help your business. There are no predefined rules to solve case study assignments. In fact, it is possible to use all kinds of content and all kinds of formats to present a case study. Video, web page, blog articles, e-mail, podcast, e-book, white paper etc. the formats available to you are many and they are chosen according to your field of activity. In addition, it is a good idea to combine the formats to add variety to your case study. To help you solve case study assignments better, we have put together the ultimate guide that you can follow to write a winning case study.

How To Solve Case Study Assignment: 6 Steps you should Remember


Be sure to write a catchy title for your case study. This must be short enough while being exhaustive: the main achievements/successes must be mentioned.


A summary is essential for everyone to have an idea of the content of your case study, and especially its results. Summarize the document in a few sentences. Feel free to add some figures (graphics, etc.) to show your success.


The purpose of the case study is to discuss your topic, but that does not mean that you have to go too far and steal the show from the customer whose story you are telling. Introduce the client (whether an individual or a company) in the best manner.

Identify the Issue

Define the problem your (product, individual, or a company) is facing. Discuss the main points, and struggle to get things right, which leads to finding a solution.

Find the Best Solution

State the evidence, benefit of your product or service, and choose the best solution to solve the customer’s problem. Explain the advantages of the proposed solution to reassure the reader.

Summarize your Ideas

Explain how the company can benefit from the implementation of the proposed solution.

Case Study Topics

There are numerous types of case study topics that can be chosen. You need to understand the type of specific topics that are available to you and the best way to implement them. For instance, a case study in management is the most common type of case. Besides, students often search for help in nursing assignment writing case studies.

The second type is a case study in marketing; this study allows you to demonstrate and explain how to achieve enormous success in a particular situation. The marketing case study explains how you resolved a problem and overcame on behalf of your client or customer. You can read many guides on how to write a case study assignment to write a winning marketing case study.

The next popular case study topic is business and entrepreneurship. The purpose of writing a case study in business is to unravel some facts about business situations, make recommendations, and draw conclusions alike in business assignment writing tasks. Business case studies are suitable for business or commercial studies for teachers and business students. Another one is a case study in entrepreneurship; this is similar to business-related topics including business plans, business models, entrepreneurial finance, and social entrepreneurship, etc.

Tips To Write Case Study Assignments

Here are the helpful tricks you can consider:

  • Writing a case study outline with verified interview questions is critical to success.
  • Always be open and honest. Whatever feedback you get from your peers, take it positively and do not let it affect your thoughts. Make sure all interview participants give you an honest review.
  • Use at least two interview-recording methods, such as paper filling notes and a recorder. Collect at least two or three quotes from the person you are interviewing, and arrange interviews with a few people to get the full story.
  • Finally, send questions to interview participants a couple of days before the interview. This gives them time to find the specific data that you have requested for and write the best answers.

Now you know how to solve case study assignments. Use this guide to submit a flawless case study paper on any given topic. You can also have a look at some useful tips to write a personal statement for college or university. If you have any more queries, you can comment below so we can cover that title in our next article. But never try to neglect the accurate guide when you know that it may cause marks deduction.