Every graduate of an educational institution has to write a research paper to get a degree. Research paper writing is the final project that students have to submit because it speaks of you as an expert in a particular field. As it turns out, behind all the difficulties associated with writing a research paper, there are some secret rules and tips. Such algorithms allow you to complete work in a short time. In this blog, we explore the tips for writing a research paper in a short time. So read on to find out how to write an impressive research paper when you have a close deadline.

7 Steps For Writing A Research Paper in a Short Time

Here are some of the essential steps you can take to to produce an exemplary research paper.

1. Choose a Topic

The main step of the writing process in a research study is topic selection. Everything comes down to the topic chosen for a research paper. If the topic is interesting for a student, it will be easier for him/her to work on the paper. It is advisable to find a topic that is broad and has ample information available on the internet.

While selecting the topic, the student also decide what he is supposed to write in the paper. With the key words of this subject, the pupil get to know that to what extent he is supposed to research for the paper.

2. Set a Goal

One of the important strategies for writing a research paper is the definition of the goal. If you set a goal, it will help to get ahead of the rest in writing, to do all the work ahead of schedule. The main benefit of quick execution is that you will have a lot of advantages, there will be fewer questions for the reviewers, you will be confident in your abilities. Together, the work done will really turn out to be of high quality.

3. Determine the Time Limit

An important step is to determine the time limit for writing because usually there is a certain standard for time. This standard provides the time available for students to complete their work. Usually, about 6-8 months are allocated for this, however, in fact, an essay can be written in a week, provided that the topic is studied by the student. Moreover, if you give yourself a period of 7 days, then you can calculate your efforts to such limits. However, this does not mean at all that the work should be written day and night.

4. Plan the Structure

Before you begin, try to make some sketches that will help determine what exactly will be included. The research work will consist of an introduction, main body, conclusions, list of sources, and references.

5. Make a Research Paper Outline

Often students are asked to submit outlines and they do not know how to write a research paper outline. The purpose of an outline is to let the reader know about the topic and what will be covered in the research work. A good research paper must include an outline to ensure all the points are covered accordingly. Make sure to include an introduction, body, and conclusion in the outline.

6. Write the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

The introduction should articulate the purpose and objectives of the paper. It should determine the framework of the study, providing an overview of the topic and sources.

The main body should correspond with the framework discussed in the introduction. Study must comprises of facts and figures. A research paper should include logical material and it should be free from plagiarism.

In the end, conclusions are drawn from the study to justify the purpose and objectives of the study. Do not forget to determine whether you have achieved your goal or not.

7. Revise your Paper

After finishing all the work, revise it to check any errors. If you do it with a fresh mind, you will be able to catch all the mistakes made in the paper. During proofreading, remove all other non-subject-related sentences, check for grammar and spelling mistakes, and check the format of the quotation marks.

How To Write A Research Paper Quickly

Even if you only have one day to complete a research paper and you don’t know what to do. You can follow all the steps but focusing on topic selection and planning is most important. To start, you need to select a topic that most of the authors use for wide research. In this way, you can find a lot of information to work into your own context. For instance, you can use the relevant researches to write literature review into your own setting which can be any organization, industry or a place.

Once you have gathered the information, you can paraphrase it and reference it properly. Strategically, you need to invest 60% of your time on information searching and literature review gathering and the latter on paraphrasing, formatting and referencing. If you know writing a research paper, you can progress in any of the top universities in UK because it is essential for your graduate degree.

In this way, you can finish writing a research paper in a short deadline that can satisfy your mentors. Nevertheless, it is always better to manage your time and resources on your project so you do not have to work in urgency. We hope this article will help you in understanding the strategies for writing a research paper and our tips will prove to be useful in your future research work. If you are struggling with a case study, here are some best tips to solve a case study that you can consider.